Email client meets kanban board

Organise your inbox, define your own workflow and never loose track of emails with the Kanmail app. Works with all major email providers.

Is your inbox out of control?

Like it or not, email is a critical part of business and life. Keeping track of conversations in one or more inboxes is a nightmare. Some need responses, others replies - snoozes aren't enough and inbox zero is a pipedream.

Kanmail solves this problem by showing multiple folders for all your accounts in one interface, kanban board style.

Lightning fast, keyboard shortcuts for everything

Kanmail is designed for speed, with keyboard shortcuts for every action. Navigate and organise your emails with ruthless efficiency. It's never been easier to manage your inbox.

All your accounts, unified

Kanmail integrates with nearly all email providers via IMAP & SMTP. Make use of provider features such as Gmail style search and full label support.

Privacy first

Kanmail blocks tracking pixels, shows no ads and protects your privacy. We don't track your behaviour and emails are only stored on your devices.

Advanced threading

In addition to full threaded support, Kanmail intelligently merges threads from the same sender, preventing inbox overload from noisy services.

Secure, source available

Emails are only stored on your device. The Kanmail source code is available on GitHub and developed in public, so you can verify it's security.

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