See the Kanmail documentation for help using Kanmail. If you have an issue please see below for possibly solutions. If you need further help, please email us direct at:, we'll be happy to help.

Something not working?

Windows users: Kanmail will not currently start at all if the Webview2 runtime is not installed, please ensure you have this installed before running Kanmail. We are working on including this as part of a new installer for the app on Windows.

If you're seeing errors using Kanmail, or something isn't working as expected, please check the following:

Recover a license

If you've misplaced your license key please email from the purchase email and we'll be able to help.

I would like to propose a feature

Please create a new issue on GitHub and we'll see what we can do to help!

Where is the Linux version?

Although compatible with Linux, we are not currently providing the app on Linux systems due to a number of issues with the build process. Please see the Linux documentation page for more information.