Docs / Kanmail on Linux

Linux is currently unavailable: pre-built Kanmail binaries are not currently provided for Linux due to a number of issues with the build process. One alternative is to run Kanmail as a Docker container. It is also possible to compile Kanmail yourself on Linux (see the readme for instructions). Please refer to this GitHub issue for more information about this issue.

Kanmail for Linux is built using an Ubuntu 16 Docker container and is officially supported on Ubuntu systems. Kanmail has been tested with the following Linux distributions.

Apt systems

Ubuntu / Mint / elementaryOS

Confirmed working on Ubuntu 18/20, Mint 19, elementaryOS 5.

May require webkit2 if needed:

sudo apt install libwebkit2gtk-4.0

Note for elementaryOS: only works when run as root, needs investigation.


Not working, issue with libpng12. Has the same libpng16 installed as Ubuntu but doesn't work. Needs investigation.

Yum systems


Confirmed working on Fedora Workstation 32.

Pacman systems


Confirmed working on Manjaro 20 XFCE desktop.