Docs / Email Providers

Kanmail should be compatible with any email provider/server that provides IMAP and SMTP. This page lists tested providers/servers along with any specific instructions, features or limitations.

For more complex connections, see advanced settings.

Gmail / GSuite

Working via "Sign in with Google" button when creating a new account in Kanmail - this is the recommended & most secure method.

You can also setup GMail accounts manually, requirements for this:

Features: gmail-like search.


Working using normal username & password.


Working. Requires an app password, see the Fastmail documentation.


Working. Requires an app password, see the iCloud documentation.


Working. Requires an app password, see the Yandex documentation.


Working using normal username & password.

Advanced Settings

Kanmail offers some advanced account settings for more complex connection setups. Do not change these unless you know what you are doing.

Copy (not move) emails out of the inbox

This setting makes Kanmail copy emails from the inbox when dragging them to other columns. This will duplicate the message into both folders which works well with label-style email providers (Gmail).

In addition, Kanmail will hide these messages from the inbox when shown in another column.

Disable SSL hostname verification

If you expect the SSL certificate hostname not to match, verification can be disabled within the account settings.